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If want to use Windows 95 DialUp Networking to access West Coast Online then there are a few steps that you have to go through to set it up. Below are some instructions to guide you through this process.

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  • Windows 95 WCO Internet Software

    West Coast Online now has custom Internet software for Windows 95. The package features Microsoft Internet Explorer for browsing the web as well as Microsoft Mail and News for Email and Usenet News access. The software is free for all West Coast Online customers.

  • Download Internet Software Package
  • Windows 95 Internet Software

    Download Software West Coast Online can be used for a variety of Internet software. All you have to do is download it! c|net's download.com is an excellent place to search for all sorts of useful programs. Note: West Coast Online can make no guarantees about the software you download. If you have a problem with a particular program that you obtained off the Internet, you need to contact the company or person who created it for support.

    Windows 95 General Help

    Win95 Annoyances If you're having any trouble with your Windows 95 then chances are you'll find the answer on the Windows 95 Annoyances Page. From configuring Exchange for Internet mail to obtaining the lastest driver s for almost any hardware device, it's all here!

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