Congratulations. You've "found" me.
But... The Author chooses to remain anonymous,
because he's a reluctant misanthrope, for lack of a better term.
The Author has always been reasonably able to interact with others
with a measure of civility and empathy, but The Author has grown weary
as the decades have passed. I have no more to give.

The Author's name was Paul Christopher Theodoropoulos,
but The Author had his name legally changed a long time ago,
which partially explains the dearth of information about The
Author when one snoops around trying to find him. The other reason
is the use of paid services that scrub one's information from
the 'net, and do so quite effectively.

Note that there are a surprisingly large number of actual
Paul Theodoropouloses out there, so please - don't bother
them looking for me. There's no sense creating another misanthrope.

If you have any questions, the author directs you to
Do You Realize, by The Flaming Lips, for further elucidation.
If you have any further questions, please, keep them to yourself.