We here at Anastrophe Control strive to ensure an enjoyable, trouble-free internet experience for you, our cherished visitors. We employ only the most modern computational devices, as shown above, to deliver these savory packets to your screen. The image above is your faithful Systems Administrator Paul (or so he would have you believe), hard at work crafting these packets, bit by delicious bit. It's a twenty-four hour a day job, and there are no breaks. It's all we do, and it's all for you. Yes, we really care that much.

Not so much Hurt Who are the two fellas shown here? Well, one of them is William Hurt, the other is Paul Theodoropoulos. One of them is an acclaimed Hollywood actor, the other an acclaimed Unix Systems Administrator. One of them is dashingly handsome, the other, not so much. Can you guess who's who?

The question frequently arises - "Paul, why do you have these photos of William Hurt and yourself, in this unfathomably difficult online puzzle?" A perspicacious query, indeed. Why? Because I used to believe that I resembled Mr. Hurt in some small measure. Of course, I also believe that I'm going to win the lottery any day now, so take from it what you will.