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Please reply through my fax or telephone as I have sent this before but didn't recieve your response.

Mr.Kundu Saidu,



Dear Sir,

I know the acknowledgment of this letter will sound surprising considering the fact that,there wasdn't an eariler information regarding this letterHowever I discovered your contact through the Netherlands trade industry,and it was convincing to deal with you based on this information of yours.I am Mr.Kundu Saidu,the only son ofChief Vincent Saidu(H.R.H),from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.My father happened to be among the well to do farmers and also the president of co-operative Agriculture Societies(C.A.S)in Zimbabwe befoer he was murdered in cold bold by agents of the ruling junta of President Rorbert Mugabe for his alleged support for the opposition party,the (M.D.C).Before my father's death he disclosed to me some information about a total sum of USD 12,500,000.00(Twelve million Five hundred United States Dollars only)that was to be used for purchase of farming machinery equipment for Zimbabweans cooperative union of which he was the President.Unfortunately,he could not proceed with the purchase because the land problem aroused again when President Robert Mugabe started his new land Act project which which woolly affected all the rich farmers in Zimbabwe.As a result of this development,my wife and I decided to move to Netherlands where we are now seeking political asylum and the clause in my asylum status does not all me to operate any banking transaction.

After the death of my father,I guickly made arrangement to deface and smuggle the money into Netherlands through diplomatic means.To reduce the cost of deposit and risk.the actual content of the box was not disclosed to the security company but instead the box was deposited as precious items valued at that amount.

In view of these you will understand that my father's death was politically motivated and this made me not to wish to invest this money in any Africa country.My only option is to seek for your assistance and if willing,you are required to come to down to Netherlands to open A NON-RESIDENT BANK ACCOUNT where this money will be deposited for wire transfer into your nominated account in your country or any where you trust that we can invest this funds safely.If you are willing to assist in this regards,I worked out 25% or the total sum for your assistance rendered,5% set aside for whatever financial expenses encountered in the process of transfering this funds out of Netherlands and 70% for my family.

Be rest asured that this business is 100% risk and hitch free because I have worked out all modalities for the smooth transfer of this funds to your chosen norminated account.I require an absolute secrecy and confidentiality for my security and for the successful transfer of this money(this happen to be a very important condition to this offer).I will travel back to with you to your country and take my share of 70% or alternatively,invest my share in your country under your supervision into any profitable business venture.
When I hear from you I we will discuss further details on this transaction.
I expect your prompt and positive response through my fax or my telephone numbers above.

Best regards,

Kundu Saidu.