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Dear Sir,

Before reading my letter, please note that its of genuine intention. Its about cash, and it's in the amount of Twenty-six Million United States Dollars (USD$26 000 000.00). I implore you to excuse us of any embarrassment this letter might cause you, as we have not met before.

I am Mr. Mark from Sierra Leone. Before now l didn't have any problem, until l lost my father two years ago. He was a big time diamond dealer, his business was flourishing until the United Nation placed embargo on diamonds from West Africa. When the embargo was enforced, my father started having problems with bank transactions in respect of making deposits and receiving payments for diamonds purchased by his customers. Because of the problem he started storing cash in the house. One morning, he left as usual with his men to the diamond mining area of Sierra Leone. While there, they were attacked by rebels; during the attack, my father was shot. He did not die, he was rushed to the hospital where the bullets were removed. My dad returned home after a few days feeling well and okay.

But two months later, my father became sick. His situation deteriorated so much that he couldn't carry on with his work anymore. One day, he told me to prepare myself that we have to travel to Spain, that he has to deposit the funds (USD$26 000 000.00) in a Security Company in Spain for safe keeping. We then arranged for a quick travel. The money was arranged in a trunk box and shipped to Spain by diplomatic means. At the Security Company in Spain, my father deposited the trunk box as a bonded shipment and he declared it as family treasures. My father made me the beneficiary of the deposit.

Not too long we returned from Spain, my father died. After the burial rights, my late father's brothers came to the house accusing my mother of masterminding my father's death in order to inherit his wealth. With this accusation, they drove my mother and her children (my sister and l) away from the house. They did not allow us take anything out of the house. We then went to my mother's family house to live there. My mother went through everyday in sorrow, little did we know that she could take her own life. We returned to the house one day to meet her on the ground dead; she committed suicide. It was really painful. After this period, things became very difficult for us, and with the on going war, we had to travel to Ivory Coast as refugees. We have since been in Ivory Coast on refugee status.

The problem l am faced with, is that l do not have the funds to enable me embark on a trip to Spain in order to be able to get the deposit released from the Security Company. Because of the financial situation am faced with, l implore you to see how you can assist me get over to Spain. I want you to know that l am not trying to use this as a bate to get to Spain. I do not mind, if you would go to Spain first to verify the presence of the shipment at the Security company, before arranging for me to join you in Spain. Please see how you can be of assistance having the following conditions in mind:

1. That this transaction is treated with Utmost confidence, cooperation and absolute secrecy which it demands.

2. That the money would be transferred to an account where the incidence of taxation would not take much toll.

3. You would assist in paying the demurrage/handling charges, and also assist me in getting over to Spain.

If you can help us, we are ready to loan you up to 20% of the funds to assist you in you own business. Please call me on this confidential phone number: 225 05 306 130, to enable you get through when dialling, make sure you do not exclude any digit from the numbers. (225 is the country code), (05 is the area code, dial the 05 exactly the way it is, do not exclude the zero).

Thank you.