This is a small collection of communications I have received over the last several months. While each imaginitive story is unique, there are certain stylistic elements they share in common which will become immediately apparent.

Some years ago - I would guess 1995 - while working for a small Internet Service Provider (the late, great West Coast Online, link to pages may be found elsewhere on this site), we received a letter (letter in the traditional sense, not email) with a tale much like any of these here. The letter had a Nigerian postage stamp on it as I recall, but had not been mailed - it had been slipped under the door of our office over a weekend. Regrettably, I do not know what became of that letter.

UPDATE 18apr03: As my business partner from the days of WCO was packing up recently preparing to move out of state, he found the letter mentioned above. My memory of the details was faulty - it was dated 1997, and there appears to be a postal cancelation across the stamp, so apparently it was mailed. Following are a scan of the envelope, and of the letter itself. These are rather large images - the envelope is about 450K, the letter about 1meg.

Herewith, the letters. Click the 'back' button on your browser to return here after reading one.

Assistance -Richard Obule
Assistance -Dr. Hassan Musa
Business Proposal -UN Investment
Confidential Business Assistance -Seid Made
Importation Intent -Dr. Efe Osagie
Investment Proposal!! -Charles Segun
No Subject -Mr Eric Mwananaga
No Subject -Sandra Savimbi
No Subject -Laurent Mpeti Kabila
No Subject -Dr. Moses Ike
Please Respond Urgent -Drdan Momoh
Proposal -Baba Ojo
Urgent Assistance Required -Prince Desmond
Urgent Assistance -Ibe Chioma
Urgent Assistance -Adamu Lar
Urgent Assistance -Okon Okon
Urgent Help Needed -Bennard Ogodo
Urgent -Dennis Uche
Urgent Proposal -Hamza Pius
Very Important -Hajia Mariam Abacha

Added 04aug02:
Urgent -Union Alabi Alabi
No Subject -Loko Mbeki
Business Proposal -Philip Garba
Thank You -Ali Momo
Assistance Needed -Dr. Hassan Musa
Joint Venture
Personal -Dr. Pual Tanko Joli
Urgent Assistance From South Africa -Mr Tambo
Urgent Business Proposal -Julius Sabaka
Partnership -Jubril Dagash
Project (Urgent) -Dr. Rasheed Sanusi

Added 29sep02:
A Call For Help -Mubetee2001 Waziri
Business Proposal -Abu Timi
Business Proposal -Matufo
Besiness Belationship -Ishaya Bamaiyi Jnr
Confidential Business Proposal -Rasheed Bako
Good Day -Adamu Lar
Help Needed -Ahmed Te
I Am Waiting For Your Response -Mr Kundu Saidu
I Really Need Your Cooperation -Kundu Saidu
Important Business Proposal -Jacob Wilcox
In Need Of Your Assistance -777
No Subject -
Urgent Assistance From South Africa -Mr. Tambo
Urgent Assistance -Edward Mulete
Urgent Response Needed -Mrs Mariam Bobi Ladawa Sese Seko
Urgent Assistance -Johnson Mowete
Urgent Business Relationship -Engr Osahon Edegbe
Assistance Needed -Bulawa Mulete
Assistance -
Business Relationship -Urgent Reply -Ishaya Jnr
Muyiwa Ige

There are a surprising number of sites on the net devoted to the DPFA. Most refer to the DPFA scam as the nigerian or '419' scam. If you click the following link, it will do a search on Google for "nigerian scam": Google.

I'm no longer taking new submissions. I'm bored with these, and get way too many on my own. Additionally, there are much better sources for info on the scam than this, per above.