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Smart Money rated WCO Best Regional Internet Service Provider - May 1997

Rated 4
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The Interjet:
The fastest, easiest
way for small to
medium sized businesses
to connect to the net!


    WCO now supports
    USR's X2 technology
    for up to 56k*
    dialup connections.

Lucent K56flex

WCO now supports K56flex
technology for up to 56k*
dialup connections.


West Coast Online interconnects to the Internet backbone via multiple DS-3's to both MAE-West and PAIX. We peer with more than 75 providers across the Nation.

* x2 and K56flex technologies are capable of speeds up to 56k, however current FCC restrictions limit the maximum connect rate to 53k. Telco limitations may further reduce your connection rate or even preclude speeds above 33.6k.
Not all phone lines are capable of x2 or K56flex technology speeds! Please visit USR's linetest web page for further details.

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