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Contact Information for WCO Customers

Customer Support                              Accounting - Billing
5800 Redwood Drive                            200 Brown Rd. Suite 306
Rohnert Park, CA 94928                        Fremont, CA 94539
707-586-3060                                  510-249-1560
707-586-5254 (fax)                            510-249-1561 (fax)

The following is a list of pertinent email addresses for WCO:

sales@wco.com Inquiries regarding commercial connections should go to this address. WCO provides connectivity from dialup to Fractional- T3. Pricing for various information rates can be found on our web page.

support@wco.com General questions/trouble reports. Focus is on connectivity issues. Some help regarding using the UNIX shell may be available, however customer connectivity is first priority. WCO does not provide instruction in programming or using the UNIX shell. Connectivity issues that prevent mail to support are best handled with a call to WCO's offices at 1 800 926 4683.

billing@wco.com Anything related to your bill. Where to send payments, change of address, upgrading or downgrading services, etc. Billing department can be reached voice at 1 510 249 1560.

webadmin@wco.com General web related inquiries. Requests for cgi-bin access, or virtual URLs. Please note that WCO provides no support for web/cgi beyond basic functionality: we do not teach html or cgi programming. We can show you how to determine whether cgi is enabled on your account, and can help if your web pages aren't being served due to a problem on our side.

mailadmin@wco.com Inquiries concerning additional email accounts or domain name email routing. Difficulties sending/receiving email are best handled by calling our tech support department at 1 800 926 4683.

ftpadmin@wco.com Inquiries concerning public ftp space for individual accounts. Difficulties using ftp should be directed to support@wco.com.

bugs@wco.com Reports of bugs found in native Solaris2.5 code on the shell server. Bugs concerning non-native applications, such as Pine, NcFTP, Tin, GCC, etc., should be directed to the software authors (such as pine@cac.washington.edu for Pine), or to an appropriate usenet newsgroup (comp.mail.pine, for example). Sending a copy of such communications to bugs@wco.com would be appreciated, so that we may be alerted and may be able to put in place updates/fixes for known bugs.

news@wco.com Requests for newsgroups to be added to our newsfeed should be directed here. Commercial clients who receive newsfeeds from WCO may make requests for modifications to their feed here.

abuse@wco.com Complaints regarding email or usenet news 'spams', email harrassment, or any other inappropriate behavior or activities originating from within WCO's network should be directed to here. Complaints regarding inappropriate behavior or activities emanating from other networks should go to root, postmaster and/or abuse at the site in question - not to WCO.

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