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WCO Staff - alphabetical order

  • Greg Andrews - UNIX Systems Administrator.

  • Mel Enberg - A member of our Technical Support team.

  • Jim Evans - A member of our Technical Support team.

  • Laurie Grey - Director of Business Services. Web server administrator and Whistle Interjet account coordinator.

  • Matt Hermes - Whistle Interjet technical support.

  • Maryjane Hudspeth - Fremont office support.

  • Jennifer Huyg - Rohnert Park Receptionist.

  • Sandra Lopez - Dialup customer service specialist.

  • Dena Mapes - Human Resources Manager and "WCO Team Mom".

  • Fred Placido - WCO's accountant.

  • Chris Robbins - WCO's Director of Sales (high speed connections).

  • Luis Rodriguez - Technical support team manager.

  • Mark Shapiro - You know what WCO does. To find out what Mark does, just take what WCO does, subtract what everyone else at WCO does, and the balance is what Mark does.
    Seriously, among other things, he publishes and edits publications, oversees our San Jose and Fremont offices, puts modems on our South Bay POPs, does overflow customer support, coordinates commercial and International Internet customers, wrestles phone companies, programs databases, and oversees the company finances.

  • Veronica Shapiro - WCO's bookkeeper.

  • Scott Shultis - Marketing director and customer service manager.

  • Ben Stahl - Technical Support with Style. Handles support, tackles customer service, pokes problems with a sharp stick, and keeps an odd assortment of toys and goodies on his desk.

  • Paul Theodoropoulos- Vice President, one of the founders of WCO, UNIX weenie, and allegedly the Nicest Guy on the Internet.

  • Norm Underland - Fremont office support.

  • Karry Walker- Technical Support and Domain Registration Services.
    Favorite platitude: "One of the greatest tragedies in life is that there is no background music."

  • Chris Ward - Company Evangelist - Oversees WCO's Internet operations, happily answers hundreds of email messages a day, frustrates our reception staff by always being on the phone, and has an extremely hard time keeping his office presentable. He does, by the way, work with Paul 'The Nicest Guy on the Internet' Theodoropoulos.

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