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". . . almost perfectly answers the need for a simple, cost-effective solution for connecting PCs and Macs to the Internet." "How do you spell internet relief? I-N-T-E-R-J-E-T."
(NetGuide, April 1997)

The Whistle InterJet© is an inexpensive all-in-one, plug-and-play device that is remarkably easy to set up and use. The InterJet is a compact (9-inches high) Internet peripheral that plugs into any Ethernet LAN and can have you communicating with others in just a few minutes. All the software needed to get productive on the Internet is included with your InterJet. The InterJet provides non-technical users with powerful productivity tools to tap the business opportunities available with the Internet. With the InterJet your entire small office is given the following capabilities:


The InterJet provides each employee with their own Internet e-mail address, allowing them to send and receive mail and files to and from people outside of the company as well as other employees. E-mail allows employees to communicate quickly with customers or partners wherever they are located. And using file attachments, files can be sent more quickly and at much lower cost than overnight packages.

"For simple tasks such as reading and sending e-mail, the InterJet 100 performed well on the LAN."
(Windows Sources, February, 1997)

Web Access

The InterJet makes the exciting new world of the Internet available to everyone on your local network. People can access information from Web sites all over the world. Information on competitors, market research data, new funding sources, or potential strategic business allies can be found on the World Wide Web.

Your Web Site

You can use your InterJet to simply and easily publish your company Web site, allowing your employees and customers to have quick-and-easy access to information about your company, facts about your products or services, and much more. A company Web site is an excellent way to keep your existing clients informed and an exciting way to attract new business.

"Best Products of the Year for Your Business - Networking Solution" Whistle Communications InterJet 100
(Home Office Computing/Small Business Computing - November 20, 1996)

Internal "Intranet" Web Publishing

Intranets, which are common in Fortune 500 companies but have yet to impact small businesses, are company-specific-type Internets. They are an internal-only resource by which a company's users can "publish" ideas, papers, status reports, presentations, and other material for viewing by fellow employees. With the InterJet, each employee has an Intranet Web page available to them along with templates for easily creating their own unique internal Web page.


The InterJet has its own built-in firewall, meaning you'll have access to the world, but the world does not have access to your computers. The InterJet also incorporates many user friendly logs for ease of administration.

The InterJet's built-in UNIX-based firewall features SSL security and packet filtering. The UNIX interface is hidden under the InterJet's GUI, and therefore protected from access by potential hackers. In addition, TCP/IP addresses are hidden from the outside world by Whistle's address scheme.
(PC Magazine - January 21, 1997)

Easy to Maintain

Using the Whistle agents from within your web browser, it's remarkably easy to set up Internet and electronic mail accounts for your company. All you have to do is type in a name and password and click on the services you want each user to have. That's it! You don't have to have any special networking knowledge to add or delete users or manage the InterJet. The InterJet has unique diagnostic abilities built right in. If anything gets in the way of the InterJet doing its job, it'll tell you what the problem is and point you towards how to fix it.

"Initial setup of the InterJet was a pleasure and only took a few minutes.
(InfoWorld - December 16, 1996)

System Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements for using any model of the Whistle InterJet:



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