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Dial-Up Services

Dial-Up Map West Coast Online dial-up services. Modem connections for individuals and businesses. Starting at $19.95 a month, our dial-up services include flat-rate connectivity, and space to produce your own web site. WCO offers dialup at speeds up to 56K using USR x2 and Livingston K56flex modems. Our local dial-up numbers provide service to most of Northern California.

ISDN Services

Whether you are a business or a home user, you're probably tired of the limitations of traditional analog modem Internet access. West Coast Online's 56K or 112K ISDN Services combine high speed with low cost to become the perfect solution.

Dedicated High Speed Services

High Speed

Service Map

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Map West Coast Online has grown to be one of the top providers of high speed commercial Internet services. Frame relay, point to point, fiber, and wireless, WCO has the experience, and Internet backbone to connect your company with customized services.

From 56k to full T3, West Coast Online combines the customer services of a local company and the expertise of a regional provider with the nation wide backbone and network monitoring services of a national corporation. We bring you complete, affordable, high speed Internet services, with an extra level of customer service.

Equipment Sales

For our High Speed customers, West Coast Online offers a selection of top of the line hardware. Configured by our professional technical staff, products from Cisco, Digital Link, Livingston, and other manufacturers are available at competitive prices. As with our Internet services, we stand behind every hardware sale.

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