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Counter for WCO Customers

STYLEHTML to use on your page
<img src="/wco-cgi/Count4.cgi?dd=C&md=5&df=sample.dat">
<img src="/wco-cgi/Count4.cgi?dd=C&ft=0&md=5&df=sample.dat">
<img src="/wco-cgi/Count4.cgi?dd=C&negate=Y&md=5&df=sample.dat">
<img src="/wco-cgi/Count4.cgi?dd=C&ft=0&negate=Y&df=sample.dat">
<img src="/wco-cgi/Count4.cgi?md=5&df=sample.dat">
<img src="/wco-cgi/Count4.cgi?ft=0&md=5&df=sample.dat">

A .dat (data) file needs to be created with your login to store the number of accesses to your web space. You will replace 'sample' of sample.dat with your login (e.g. jsmith.dat). If you want to use the counter on more than one page, select the 'several pages' option below and use login#.dat (e.g. jsmith.dat, jsmith1.dat, jsmith2.dat...through jsmith5.dat) in place of sample.dat.

If you would like to use this counter please fill in the information below:

Please check whether you will be using the counter on:
index.html only
several pages (up to 6)

Your name:   Your account login:

Are you using your own domain
name in your web page address?   If so, please fill in domain name:

Starting number desired (default is 1):

Counter program written by Muhammad Muquit & Kevin Walsh

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