The current anastrophe servers are as follows:
[['current'. Yeah, well. Maybe eight years ago. But whatever. Right now, the anastrophe server is merely an athlon XP PC, no sparc hardware any more, sigh. Still running solaris - an early release of 11 from before Sun was assimilated into Oracle. 3-way ZFS mirror onto little laptop-size disks. Soon enough, I believe I'll need to move to linux of one sort or another. I upgraded anastrophe to the athlon almost four years ago I believe. It's time to get an even more powerful machine that will use even less electricity, and use SSD's instead of spinning disks. I write this parenthetical 04july2012. ]] - the server you're reading this on - is an Integrix SPARC 20 clone, currently configured with 480 megabytes of memory, two HyperSPARC 150mhz CPUs, and three IBM 2.1 gigabyte disks - two disks configured in a mirror serving '/', and the third a non-mirror. The server is running Solaris []*. Klaatu provides primary DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, etc for the domain. It currently is also hosting about 70 other domains and websites for friends, family, and coworkers. - a SPARC 20 with two SuperSPARC 75Mhz CPUs, 256 megabytes of memory, and two 9 gigabyte disks. This box is running Solaris []*, and provides secondary DNS and MX for the domain and the other anastrophe hosted domains, and secondary DNS and MX for, the company I run. - a genuine Sun SPARC 20, with 128 megabytes of memory, quad HyperSPARC 100 (100mhz, 256k cache) CPUs, and two IBM 4 gigabyte disks. This box is running Solaris 8, and isn't doing much besides generating a lot of heat and a little seti@home results (see related link elsewhere on this lame site). It will replace klaatu at some point, when I have the time.
Update 02aug02: gort is now part of Vista Broadband Networks, my current company. It's either providing web calendaring services, or it's sitting idle, doing virtually nothing. I'm not sure. It got lumped in with the stack of other sparc 20's when I built out Vista's server infrastructure in november of 2001.

Update 11nov03: when my impending layoff from Vista became obvious a year ago, I reclaimed gort, as It was mine and I'd not been reimbursed for it by Vista. Gort was absorbed rather anonymously into my server farm for Smile networks. It may still be around, or it may have been sold on ebay, not sure. I now use the gort name as strictly my development essential, whatever server i'm building/configuring, it is called gort. At the moment gort is a Sun Netra T1 440Mhz ultrasparc server which i'm going to deploy for Smile shortly. - a SPARC 2 with 64 megabytes of memory, and a 2.1 gigabyte IBM disk, running Solaris 7 (The sun4c architecture has been end-of-lifed with the release of Solaris 8, so it can't be upgraded). Not used for much, mainly a relic.
Update 02aug02: adynaton sits idle in the closet, it's little NVRAM not so NV any more - it lost it's brains.

( - a SPARC 1 - now dead - replaced by the SPARC 2. It was the first SPARC I owned, bought in 1995. Served me very well. I killed it while doing invasive surgery on it. Call it a 'medical misadventure'...

klaatu and barenge used to live offsite in a friend's well-connected garage. adynaton used to live on the floor under my desk at home, resting on top of the late great adynaton SPARC 1.
update 02aug02: both adynaton's live in the dank closet.

update 11nov03: klaatu lives in my colo cage at ATG with the Smile servers. barenge lives in my garage.

At work I manage a nice little farm of servers - dual Sun Enterprise 4500's behind redundant F5 BIG/IP traffic directors, with customer filestore on clustered NetApp F740's - along with several ancillary servers, Ultra 5's, 10's, a couple of Netra T1's, and a pretty nice SPARC clone from Rave, providing High Speed News eXchange ( I'm probably forgetting something out there...
update 02aug02: I no longer work for the above employer - Advanced Telcom Group, Inc.. ATG went tit's-up two days after I left. Coincidence? A half-billion dollar company goes bankrupt days after I repair for waters uncharted? hmm....

update 11nov03: ATG came out of bankruptcy, lucky devils. i however fared less well. I worked for $%#!! Vista for six months, then they laid me off. I've been out of work ever since. I run Smile Internet Networks, but it barely breaks-even. Not enough to live on. sigh. Now, if you've made it this far in this document, you may have noticed a theme: Sun SPARC, and Solaris. Yes, I am a SPARC/Solaris snob/bigot. I've been working and playing in this environment for more than a decade - long before the admittedly quite nice but still pipsqueaky Linux started causing geekly prostates to pop all over the world. I've nothing grossly or overtly against Linux. I just don't see the point, personally. We have a few Linux boxen around the office, and I don't feel like I'm getting my fingers dirty whenever I have to work on them. I am simply more comfortable in the SPARC/Solaris environment; it's what I know. I do feel that SPARC/Solaris is superior to Linux in a number of ways, while at the same time acknowledging that Linux does some things better than SPARC/Solaris - and at the very least, it's dramatically increased the public consciousness that MickeySoft didn't invent and does not own the concept of an Operating System.

So, that's my screed for the day.....

*: Regarding Solaris. The license for the latest release of solaris - 9 - is more restrictive than previous versions. If you run Solaris 9 on any machine that is multi-processor capable - whether or not it actually has multiple processors - you must purchase (expensive) licenses. Otherwise the operating system is free. Well, Sun Sparc 20's are multi-processor capable. they can hold up to four processors. So in order to run Solaris 9 on such a machine, one pays some bloody good dollars to be legal about it. I think it's silly. But that's the license and the law. So, I simply cannot say that I am running solaris 9 on sparc 20's. If i were to do so, i'd be acknowledging violation of Sun's license, and shucks I don't want to do that.